The Gravipod® Story:
Problem, Solution, Perfection


Like many great ideas, the Gravipod® was invented as a solution to a problem. The product has changed and evolved through trial and error and constructive feedback from customers over the years.

We are Rob and Paula North, the founders and owners of Premier Tents, an outdoor canopy wholesale and retail store. Through the rental division of the company we experienced a lot of weather related damage to unsecured tents and umbrellas. Coupled with the fact that current production of umbrellas makes them lighter and more unstable than ever – frequently tipping over immediately upon setting up, let alone with the slightest breeze – this presented a very costly and time intensive problem for everyone involved. This was our call to action: we needed to find a way to protect our customers, family and friends.

Our goal was to create a product that provided a simple solution to our gravitational limitations in the face of mother nature. As luck would have it, we are an outdoor products manufacturing company with 32 years of experience. All we needed was a prototype sketch for our novel umbrella weight bag concept to become reality. We knew the bag had to be portable, easy to use, and capable of being filled with inexpensive, readily sourced materials by the customer to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Our first attempts at a solution were not perfect. We went through the “Goldilocks” phases of too big, too small, too weak, too strong and our incredible customers kept helping us along as they suggested new product designs and identified different weighting needs inside and outside of their homes. Through dedicated and systematic endurance testing, additional research and product development, we made substantial improvements. We switched from zippers to heavy duty Velcro closures, changed the fill port to the top of the bag, sourced out stronger fabrics and higher tensile thread strength, and switched to triple stitched seams with bias tape reinforcement – all to make each Gravipod® as strong as possible.

Are they perfect now?

We think so! However, never to rest, we are making minor improvements and tweaks with every single selling season. It truly is a dynamic process and the product is always being upgraded, a true work in progress, and a labor of love.

We feel like we’ve done a great job with quality, design, durability and utility. Our idea is so unique, we were recently awarded 6 Patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and currently have 2 more patents pending because our design was so good. ‘The Original Umbrella Weight Bag’ by Gravipod, has so many unique and innovative features that it truly represents an entirely new product category.

After subjecting each prototype Gravipod® to rigorous use and drop tests, we are very proud to be able to offer solutions to the problem that had us all vexed. Additionally, we have created diverse models, multiple sizes, variable weight capacities, and unique attachment systems to meet our customers’ lifestyle needs.

So, there you have it. The story of gravity, made portable.

“What began as a mission to solve a problem, grew into a product so unique and ingenious that the USPTO has awarded us multiple Patents, with more currently pending. Gravipod truly is the first of its kind.”